The begin

"de Foekepot" is a folk dance group from Geleen (in the province of Limburg, the Netherlans) that  performs Dutch historically authentic folk dances that originate in present days. The dances reflect the character of the Low Countries, at the North Sea, of witch the Netherlands is a part.
The last few years we have concentrated on the folklore of Limburg. We have two series of dances in which some of our costumes and habits are portrayed. Our costumes are duplicates of the clothes worn in the village of Stein around 1900.

The name
The name of the group is taken from a musical instrument well known in Limburg. A "foekepot" is an earthenware pot strung with a pigs bladder. In the middle a stick is put, over which a cloth is moved rhythmically. This produces a dark rumbling sound.